Live Programming

Live Programming runs the Stage of ASAHiCon 2019. It’s our job to give you a place to hang out and be entertained while you’re waiting for bigger events to start, like panels or video game tournaments. More info to come!

At this moment, we cannot have bands play. The sound equipment and setup required is too much work for our logistics team. Our stage is also scheduled to be outside this year, which would make things even harder for us. If you wish to sing with no instruments or possibly play acoustic guitar and sing alone or with one other person, we can consider your performances. We are sorry to the bands we have had to reject and any planning to apply.

we are accepting live performance form applications now for april 13th, 2019

Name *
Your real name. (First and last.)
What is your performance called?
A list of the full names of all of your performers. (Including yourself.)
What will your performance consist of? How long is it?
Do you need to tell us anything else? Are there materials you want to know if we can provide? Need power? Etc...
Optional, preferable for day-of-con contact!