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Carmilla Jo

Carmilla Jo is a Bay Area- based cosplayer and alternative model. Growing up with a love for fantasy,animation, and the avant-grade, her cosplays take inspiration from characters who may not be the hero of the story, but play a compelling role in the plot and may steal the show. She also enjoys putting spins on well-known characters by genderbending male heroes or creating original designs. She hopes to continue in the craft of cosplay and costuming.

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Daryl Frazetti

Daryl Frazetti is an anthropologist who has taught classes in Star Trek, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Aliens, and more through Western Nevada College.  He has also published on Star Trek fandom culture, fan film making, and conventions as participatory myth. He is the author of Anthropology of Star Trek, and is currently working on the study of Batman fandom culture for a forthcoming text. Daryl has been speaking at conventions since 2007 and has been involved in consultation work on various science fiction productions and publications since 2010. He is available for all levels of educational presentations, and consultation work.



Justin Robert Young (jury)

Justin Robert Young is a podcaster, journalist, comedian and writer. He is the host of the JuRY podcast, and co-host of the Night Attack podcast with Brian Brushwood, Weird Things and After Things podcasts with Brushwood and Andrew Mayne, Hotline Monday podcast with Scott Johnson, and a correspondent for the Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt, as well as a weekly contributor of The Morning Stream with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott.