Meet Our Artists!

Here, you can see a bit about some of our artists and some of the pieces they've made. 

The list will be updated when possible, as we will attempt to contact the graduates who made some art we still sell. As we gain more artists each year, we will update with new art!

Hannah “Octopus/Kraken” Robb, (2017 Graduate)

“I have been drawing since I was extremely young and have self-taught myself for just as long. Drawing is one of the few things I’ve ever been good at in life, and is truly is the only thing, I think, I’ll ever be good at, which is another reason I want to pursue it farther in my career. In club, I’m either playing card games with other club members or conversing with them.This club has done a lot for me and everyone in it as well, even if none of them know it.”

Wisdom Washington, (2017 Graduate)

Art is something that I can't live without, because even though my art wasn't good when I was younger, I believe it is now. There's no wrong way to do it. It could range from a hyper realistic portrait to an egg, you're transferring something mentally to a physical state, and that's what I like about it. I hope to turn what I enjoy into a profession, but until then egg drawings will do.

Since I was enrolled in Antioch High, I've been popping into clubs that I see fit, ASAHi included. I used to just drop by every now and then, but now I'm a regular member and on Staff as a Second in Paneling. I enjoy coming to club on a regular basis and am glad to be able to work as part of the staff.


Mason Gearhart, (2017 Graduate)

Art has always been my outlet. I love being able to use it to express my ideas and emotions. I've drawn my whole life and I see no reason to stop anytime soon. It is the one thing I can always improve and be proud of no matter what. Outside my ideology about art, I really do like making fan art for things I am passionate about!  However I love commissions as well because, it gives me a chance to do things outside my comfort zone. 

When I was a freshman I began working for ASAHi Club in the marketing department, and ever since then I fell in love with the club. Overtime I worked my way up from marketing head to co-con head and I can't imagine my life with out this club. It has shaped who I am and I am proud of what i have accomplished. 

Penelope Coad (2016 Graduate)

Drawing has always been a part of me in a way that I can't possibly make anyone understand because of how complex it is. Compare it to astro physics, I guess, there’s so much to it but you gotta know a little bit to grasp the whole picture (literally). I wish to turn my art stuff into a profession; either illustration or concept design.

I’ve been with ASAHi since freshman year and has held a position in it since then. Everyone there made me feel right at home and now they’re kinda like family. I’ve been deemed Marketplace Head along with a friend since freshman year, and with their help I organize the Dealer’s and Artist’s Alley.

Sarina Sylva (Graduate)

I like to do art as my hobby because like all creative outlets, it expands my thought processes and relaxes me. It is the act of summoning any thought and procurring it onto whatever canvas you have. And with modern artists, one can appreciate all different forms of media's and canvases, whether the person is painting with coffee or creating sculptures of wire hangers. It is a purely subjective form of creativity that is appreciated by all cultures and peoples, and nothing increases my quality of life more.

I joined anime club because throughout my life I have always struggled to surround myself with friends that seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed theirs. But when I came into Mr. Ebner's classroom afterschool with my permission slip, I may have been nervous at first, but with one introduction at a time I met beautiful, wonderful, individualistic people that have certainly changed my life for the better. I was always welcome into anime club and found myself doing anything from rambling about drawing anatomy to my artist friends, or being confused about what was even going on in the anime we were watching.

Kevin De La Torre (Graduate)
I love to draw because I had always admired the detail of others art, each drawing has a different reason to me. My reason for my art is because I have a passion for dragons, imagining how they lived gives me a reason.
I also enjoy going to anime club because I love to meet new people and hanging around with friends. The club has so much to offer students and support them with their art.

Alexis Ybanez  (Graduate)
I love to draw because it helps me relieve stress and I always look for ways to better myself with drawing techniques and I draw when I get REALLY inspired! Sometimes they're little doodles or when I actually have time I'll make an actual drawing :) (they're mostly from the fandoms I love UwU) I've been in anime club since freshmen year even though I was hardly known in there ^^; it wasn't until my sophmore year that I met my friend Emalee and she brought me out of my shell and helped me meet so many amazin' folks :3 I've been into anime ever since I was 6 or so when my sister would watch it alot and I just went from there =!

Jacqueline Ann Abad Santos (Graduate)
I love art because it's always been a thing I did to pass the time and very therapeutic for me. I was inspired by American and Japanese animation to actually strive to get better and thanks to that inspiration my skills have developed to what they are now.

I went to anime club because, well it's a place I felt like was my own little home on the high school campus. All the energy people had always managed to brighten up my day if I had a lousy day at school. There is no other place I can think of that is filled with such energetic and welcoming people and if I had never went to that club I wouldn't have most of my most cherished memories I treasure today.